Export Data to a HTML table from a Canvas Power App that uses a Dataverse table which has Lookup columns and Choice column fields

Hello all,

It has been a while since my last post, mostly because I started this blog as a functional Dynamics 365 F&O blog but since then I have really stopped working with D365 F&O and been focusing more on the Power Platform. From now on I will post on topics such as Canvas Apps, Power Automate flows, Model Driven Apps and a combination of all of these. The posts will cover specific business scenarios. They won’t go into detail or are beginner level Power Platform posts. There are plenty of resources out there that go through the basics. My goal is to provide specific answers to specific business scenarios.

The scenario above is one that I have encountered a lot when using Dataverse as the source for Canvas apps. Even after googling for an answer, I wasn’t able to find what I needed, hence why I decided to blog about it. Below is a quick 5 min video that shows you a solution to this specific issue.

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